The Gordons — Ken and Wendy, or “Kendy” aka “Zen Ken and Countess Chocula”

: Not typical owners / chefs (vacationing, mid-life crisis cars, trophy wife behavior.)  Ken and Wendy work on the line, wash dishes, fix things, screw things up, salt the icy driveway, paint, give counsel, garden, weed eat, bail people out of jail . . . the list is endless.  It is a true “Mom and Pop” kind of place.  Throughout the years it has been a true labor of love, time, commitment, fortitude and an environment to cultivate restaurant family and a gazillion friendships.
They wouldn’t have it any other way (okay, a little less work sometimes. Hey, it’s been 15 years). It is not uncommon to see their son Gus in the the dish pit (wishing he could skateboard) or daughter Josie Dare folding napkins, decorating the bar with paper snowflakes (season optional) or creating the “Therapy Sock Puppet”™.
Their love of cooking and their fantastic, talented kitchen crew is evident in every aspect of preparation and presentation. Utilizing a wood-fired grill, enforcing smooth front of the house and back of the house relations, nose to tail, preserving, curing and smoking meats and vegetables.  It truly is how they show love.

“I would have to say the biggest influence for me in this culinary abyss of trends was being reared in a family of phenomenal Southern cooks. I grew up in a restaurant watching my family pitch-in and I want my kids to experience what I did. Not to mention experiencing the colorful, life changing people who flock to this business-never a bad thing.  Everyone should work in the service industry.  It makes you a better individual.”
—Wendy R. Sykes-Gordon

“On Zephyr wings that soar on high, lift me now so I can fly.  Isis.  Bad TV.  Isis.”
—Ken Gordon

With over 30 years in the biz so much has been gained.  K&W have worked at great establishments – to name a few – such as Roaring Gap Country Club, Linville Ridge, Cafe Phoenix — dealing with both the kitchen and catering details.
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